Monday, February 25, 2008

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Well.....HAIs....its ugh..just me

Since i left my camera in a store in Salt Lake City,UT...i havent had my camera and been able to record anything...sooo..i guess ill get more aquainted with you.....

ahem. HAIzzz willy cron?ugh 18 i got to byu idaho. At tall man with an intimidating pair of black boots.
I like it here at byu idaho..but i guess in my thinking in moving here for school was wrong. Like a normal ignorant young adult i thought my problems would be left behind in california; incredibley wrong was i. I was expecting a big personal change..and extreme elevation of moral so to say; Again, wrong.( i dont think i use semi-colons properly) Iam the same person i was a couple months ago, and i'm coming to the realization that i inevitabley i always will be.(your thinking," buuugh? of course nitwit.") Remember in elementary school, say 3rd grade and you thought of yourself in the future and how different you'd be in "HiKeShhCkOOoLL!" That you'd be so much cool, bigger, more attractive. I have had that mindset until this evening, saddening.

I think i'm wishing for an extreme evolution of my maturity and how i handle myself...on a personal basis. On the outside im a pro at being something i not, for those of you who known me for more than two years and from my highschool know exactly what i mean. i feel i sense a lack of seriousness in my personal matters, but also i feel i take myself to seriously..the problem is an absence of a middle "paradisiacal" standing point.

Besides this unimportant-to-you non-sense, i have met alot of really incredible people here. All of them have a sense of familiarity to me and bring something new i have never experienced before.

Anyways, i'll stop now. Its odd what a MIA camera will do to you...hope my entry is somewhat as entertaining as my photos...

deleted my myspace....thats all. happy wednesday

Friday, February 15, 2008

Melissa House..i may be overkilling this

i put this on my facebook, myspace and flickr, and photobucket...sorry this just seem to fit.

meow- here is my new myspace link HERE

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tuesday Fest

My photo journalism skills, and drive have gone south. I realized i havent logged for like 6 days.
over the weekend i went to spanish fork,utah ; was home-ridden by home improvement
and love for my mother. So i had no adventure really.Saw my gal pal aurora do a showcase for the music dance theatre program at BYU, it was nice.

Met up with old friends and condifants.

stopped by a party thrown by Casey Lewis and Co. It was sizeable and enjoyable.snapped 3 shots.

Today I slept,ate, and tuesday fested

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Another sorry, but...

i made a new pal, melissa house, shes neat. As well as mallory clark.they are nice...AnD RiCh$$$$$$

ahem.i apologize if anyone expected me to be at the ivy league show, excuse me if it sounds a bit rhodomantade but things prevented me from going, and i spy has suffered dearly.

this weekend i will be going to my new homestead in Spanish Fork utah, if you so desire i will chronicle my journey as usual. certain events that will be the following,but not limited too

-2 exceptionally talked up discos
-an avante gaurde fotoshoot
-a day at church
- 2 bus rides

like i said, more things will sprout up, but those are little precursors to my weekend
it ma sound like i think i am more important than i really am, im aware of this, i just prefer to play into it
rather than suppressing it.meow

good day

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A bit Dull

....has been my life the past 5 or so days...i will be attending the ivy league show tonight at large house

so be spied or be ..nothing?....again, apologies for my lack of adventure the past days.

Friday, February 1, 2008


Fom idaho Falls to Viking Village to the galley. A morning full of adventure and shinanigans.