Tuesday, July 29, 2008

unpacking reaps

Hey BLOGGERSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ehehehhheeeeee
BloGggINg Is flipping FUN!!!!!!! toot too!

anyhoodles, im random and so i do shep like dat. gleeeehehetter deet. the reason why i am posting on my glob (switch the b and g?) ..its uber FUN~~~~~...but i digress,

so I'm posting because i have officially settled into my own room in my home. This being the first day because its already run over with incestuous (thanks JG) laundry, making it unkempt, meaning it is settled by being unsettled. but through unpacking and unsettling in i found old keepsakes and journals, which have provided some mild entertainment (if your are entertained by journal entries and first person dialogue from ambitious and precocious 12-14 year old boys named Willard Cron).

But i did find an old gem of a cd(compact disc) i had. by Blackfield..i posted a video of thiers below. I still am really a fan, i fleet at the mention of music tastes but i thought i would indulge in the gluttony that are music blogs...look at their other stuff, its interesting. not easily likeable...but interesting....like flaun."Cloudy Now" by Blackfield is also a good one.

Also, little unknown about Willard the Cron...I made a dress a while backerooney and it is in a music video that was nationally televised...i posted that as well beneath...its the water nymphs dress. not too impressive but something i keep in my pocket on reserve when my personality is short of amazing. enjoy..I love HxC

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Well Hello!

I completely forgot i took these pictures. I am really happy how they turned out, owing a lot of my success to my compadres, i want to thank you guysch.! I put more on my face book, i am debating to just abandon that and become a full fledged blogger. Am i ready for that? I have no answer quite yet, we will see what tomorrow brings. GOD BLESS AMERICA.**summer 08' pt.1 rest in peace**

Friday, July 18, 2008

Jane Metcalf beauty among beasts

Jane M4
Originally uploaded by Willard Cron
Jane is extremely attractive.Enough said....maybe a bit more. I cannot wait to print these all up.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Skinwalker suMmMer VaKAYE

ladies weekend.

ladies weekend.