Monday, September 29, 2008

Takk. Takk. Takk.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

HELLO La Gaurdia Airport

Brooklyn, Willard. Willard, Brooklyn.

As scheduled i am going to New York to have some needed exposure to new places, faces and maybe a hotdog and/or subway ride. Angela Alaura will be accomodating me in my ventures to the big cheese..i mean apple. Cannot wait to see my mother's beloved ex-secretary whom i havent seen in a year due to life changes, moving on to bigger and best things on the right coast.
Things such as "WILL i be NYC compatible", "will i see the sartorialist(crossing my fingers)", " will i unlock my lips for her realllllly attractive roomate who happens to be a model(crossing my fingers)...nbd guys." are going through my head. Wish i would have a companion to come with me (ie jg./lr./jn.) but turns out i will be alone in my travels but im big deaz guyzzz.

Over all i am confident that it will be good. bought my ticket for 300 dollars. which i think is a steal, so does the best airfare surveyer i have used thus far(the one time i have purchased a ticket). Leaving a late fall-early winter date of November 12 a wednesday, spending 7 days in the Golden State, i mean..the ---uh, control terrorism.see you later long lines.--- flying frontier, planning on watching Kungfu Panda then ruturning with the ever impressive Prince Caspian on the in-flight movies. window seat, non-smoking. adieu.

Till november New York

Oooopz...i mean

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

CSS ALertT(meow)

went and saw css last night. they were great. not really being that into them, i was impressed with the show they put on, they were grrreat. got on stage with LOVe foxx and snapped a pic and of course it is defected but you can still see me and her somewhat? no problem. she loves me, a lot. stares and touches confirmed my belief throughout the performance.....see ya

Sunday, September 7, 2008

not one happy birthday wish to molly and it was already 6 0'clock and now she had to complete an armstand back double somersault was not her day

no one noticed samantha's new asymmetrical haircut her mother paid for


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

hello paste magazine

not being an active new music getter i have come to appreciate magazines with suggested/new artist look out sections. at first approach it seems like they are telling you," this is cool" "oh yeah, these will get you IN,blah.indie rulez" deet da dee lalala. BUT after seeing a sampler cd, being intrigued by its artwork and repeating tracks, 1,2,8,&9 i thought," this is great,i am enjoying what i hear paste magazine.thanks.your the BEST!"
then i had an internal dialogue consisting of, "am i a sucker?" " what does this MAKE me?"...when i got through that i realized i am to lazy to search through endless blogs/myspace profiles for good music. i like what i have already but when there is a suggestion made, i'll take it and im glad i did.