Thursday, February 12, 2009

Oh Hey!'s 2009. Think i care?, it could be 2006 as far as i am concerned. but im not concerned so get off my back! ugh. life. 2k9 sux. i miss vitamin c's graduation song and celebrity sex tapes. ugh. but most of all i miss al gore as president, he seriously like did so much as president. heLLLLLOOOOO00O0, does desert strorm ring a bell? black hawk down!? doi, ugh. im so exhausted with all this typing...all i want to post is a pair of pix of the people i care most for, but first! imma list all my BEST friends starting with the ones i LIKE THE MOST!! And alLyall h8rs who dont make it in the toip 10,,,, get A LIfE. go on "The Real World" where people stop being friendly and real life happens, ugh i learned the hard way. atleast you'll get your 19 minutes of fame. i miss tila.

1. Anna nicole Smith..(havent hung out with her in foRevz thO
, and She BarelY picks Up hEr PhOne...ugh, its an issue. hopefully she'll call me back soon, or at least an txt)

2. Mr. Mac , voted best dressed. never not a dapper moment when he's a

3. sour patch kids. 

4. tabs              all kinds...and all sizes

5. my ceLLy  fLip phonE. (5.5  T9..ugh miss it)

6. palm Centro qwerty keyboard

7 canada dry with a lil lime. (delta airlines can suck it, theyDisconTinuEd that NectAr..WTH!!!)

8 fbook vidz...only Tha OnEs I l00k CutE in. :)

9. mom

10. SquAre mAg doi

ugh, what a TasK that Waz.

here's a some bestiez in the Flesh tHat are GonnA their Knots Tied SooN


b said...

Those pictures are just so darn cute-ish.

Kristine said...

welcome back to blogging. i've missed you.

and may i say i am IN LOVE with the engagement pictures. nice work willard!

t driggs said...


t driggs said...

post more

core said...

i love tabs too. mostly laura