Friday, July 17, 2009

Summery Summary

oh, well hey there. ugh i know! you are so mad at me, no new posts in what seems like a whole season of Americas Next Top Model ( with-out Tyra's "smile with your eyes" demonstration, which means the recession has really hit its peak and there is no oxygen left to breathe. henceforth ergo, jordan sparks and chris brown's top 40 pop hit "no air" was really prophecy rather than an uncomfortably matched offense jordan. ugh). 

NE ways. Its me, im here. im back. hi, you missed me. i know, lets not even talk about it because i  can tell. because i know you so well. you are my best friend. hi

Sooo. last post was something of an asian persuasion and a little indulgent, 
(like buying the reserve of princess di beanie babies)..but id like to transcend the worldly, and money driven life i USED to lead. im BEYOND that. (insert Buzz Lightyear quote, he's so new mention infinity in a pixar film? such a catalyst for my beliefs as a human being...we should all be taking notes from him, right girls?) 

NE ways, im 20 now. SO much different than 19, like if that wasnt obvi. like i FEEL older, even though i KNOW i am... i FEEL older. like i could go take out a loan or open a bank account without the help of a legal guardian. so liberating. so chic. so me. so SLC. so NYC. so cool. so hip. so yeah.....what was i SeYiNg?

NE ways, was in my hometown for the end of may into the better part of June. Spent every possible minute with my "Almost Lover" BFF Taylor Ramsey. Looked for work out there, considered a job at starbucks...ChyA, i know. what was i thinking? i fLippiN hate CapiTAliSt MonOpolieS like StarbuCks. uGH NOtiCE ME AND My OpiNionZzz. ugh composure.

NE ways came back to Utah to no job...billZ to pay and a life to LIVE! its amazing how much being jobless and having a car with expired registration will wear down your morale. Like I COnsidered BuyIng geNeric, NOT organik milk....i KNow...I was a VolLDEmort-esque time in my life. im beyond it now, like...sooooo grateful for the experience, but like s00o0Oo ready to moVe ON. ya know WHed i MAynE?

NE ways. Fun new stuFF in mah lYfe = meeting a lot of great people. moving to SLC asap. got a job working for Urban OUtfitters.  Desire to Date and have significant other(s) is reaching a point of necessity rather than convenience. my HeLL cast sunburn is starting to peel, and my metamorphosis continues to be ongoing. may it never cease. annnd, my hair is getting longer and i feel pretty nowadazE. like ReaLLy preTTy. preTTY enUFf to be enviEd...even though green is SO not my cOLour.

varying caps, exaggerated/phonetic spellings aside, i really am doing a lot of what i dared not to do because of the fear i had for screwing up. i'm trying not to let fear be a motivation for making decisions in my life. i love my beautiful friends, i love my family, i love where im at and where i am going (figuratively). Loss has been abundant this past month, with deaths of important people in my life (not michael jackson), anniversaries of deaths, being out of work, and being without a lot of things. it definitely affected me, and im ready to go where i need to go next (figuratively). Love you all


***shout out to Maggie Franz for being the most consistent/best blogger ever. and for being the prettiest, and the shortest of the DDG's..ugh dont get pissed maGz