Friday, August 21, 2009

Bride and Groom Betrothed

Cyberspace, meet the Clark's....

Monday, August 17, 2009

remember me kindly

heyo from the 801.

I'm settling in, dining in and NOT sleeping in (love 2:1 rations...even in sentence structure). Diggin my toes into the metaphorical sand that is the newly Pledge lemon-scented hard-wood floor ( feeling so parensynthatical right now). Station 45 3/4 (still working on a name for the apartment) as a whole is doing well, love Nicole Stagg my roomate and newly adopted mowgli (most handsome black feline east of the Sierra-Nevadas, gender still undecided...god given female but his uber masculine personality makes him seem a bit of a walking contradiction...boys>girls. imma 5). Missing Provo aka center of the universe, and really enjoying my job (crushing hard on half of my other co-workers). I dont have much to communicate, apart from that my life is moving forward and im enjoying the miserable and relishing the splendid (can "relish" be a verb? relish something. ugh hate sweet relish...dont get me started). Finally feeling like an adult, which to me means walking into pools of debt (soon to be payed off), paying bills, taking care of my self physically/mentally/emotionally ect and finally taking the playing cards off the spokes of my bike...(<3 2 hyPerboliZe). Friends are in and out of my life, (adjusting still) making new ones, and COMPLETELY enjoying it.

i labeled this post "remember me kindly" because the things i do/choose/act are all things i want/need (or so i think) and i do NOT think its wrong in anyway to make mistakes. Mistakes promote learning and progress, sooooo "remember me kindly" because i am human, i am trying, i am imperfect, i am learning, i am evolving and changing. I will (along with every single human being) make a mistake(s), hurt someone i care about, and/or make a fool of myself. and thats ok! Remember the good, be kind-rewind and pause to the best part of me, you or whoever. Hate, bitterness, sorrow, and jealousy get you no where, a lesson i am gradually learning.

heres some eye-candy of the new diggs. roomie and other assorted sweets:
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